Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Auto Defiance

BiographyAuto Defiance from Nashville, Tennessee is the vision of Bradley Boyer. Writing music without boundaries, Auto Defiance playfully straddles the lines between Alternative Rock, Acoustic Pop and Post Punk. Small events that would mean little to the untrained eye, through Boyer's work are magnified to form a parallel to something greater in life. Inspired by larger than life characters from pop artist Andy Warhol to musical deity's such as Jeff Buckley, Robert Smith, Bono and Morrissey, Auto Defiance fully understands the power of iconography in music.

As a singer/songwriter, Bradley Boyer's unique palette morphs to accommodate the atmosphere of the song and numerous music business insiders have sung his praises. Upon moving to Nashville in 2000, Bradley was approached by industry songwriter Robert Malec who wanted him to co-write four songs for an upcoming Goo Goo Dolls project. Boyer turned it down. Though it never took off, it did introduce him to a slew of licensing opportunities and a number of well respected contacts, which led to on-air interviews, radio airplay and unanimous positive reviews for the independent artist and his already budding career.

Currently hard at work on a debut full length album, Auto Defiance is branching out to collaborative efforts in the pursuit of a new unique sound. Adding electronica elements with synthesizers, and orchestra strings courtesy of Gerald Gardiner and female vocals and violin courtesy of Petra Kelly, Auto Defiance chameleon-like pursuit of grandiose rock music is both endearing and inspiring. Working with five separate producers on the project, Boyer captures the specific feel and personality of each individual song. With a release date for the album set for fall of 2008.

Auto Defiance is clearly an artist to watch in 2008.


PublisherUnderground Mass Media Music (BMI)


Bradley Boyer: Vocals, Acoustic, Electric Guitar
Samantha Cutler: Vocals
Tommy Elms: Electric Guitars, Soundscapes
Bill Bois: Bass Guitar
Brian Dowd: Drums, Percussion

Additional Artists:

Petra Kelly: Vocals, Violin
Gerald Gardiner: Synth, Cello, Orchestra


"Auto Defiance" Self-Titled 5 song EP courtesy SPAT! Records.

2008 "Ghost Inside Your House" Debut Single

I receive a ton of emails per day inquiring about the station and asking can their band be featured. I can't feature everyone on this site. Bradley sent me an email and gave some great compliments on what I'm trying to do here. He asked me to check out his debut single and it's awesome! You can definitely hear the influence of the Cure. It takes me back to those Breakfast Club days. It's definitely worth your ears, so check out their myspace page, you won't be disappointed! - Dj Scorpia

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